FELO LYSINE - L-Lysine Powder for Cats 300 mg 12 oz (formerly Thomas Pet)

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THOMAS PET FELO LYSINE (THOMAS LABS) - Same Formula as Thomas Pet Felo Lysine. 100% Guarantee L-LYSINE SUPPLEMENT FOR CATS - L-Lysine may encourage the production of antibodies and enzymes to support the immune system. CAT IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT - Calcium supports dogs and cats to maintain strong, normal contractions throughout labor. It’s available in a dial-a-dose syringe for more accurate dosing. Ideal for Large, Medium & Small Dogs. EYE FUNCTION & RESPIRATORY HEALTH - Continued use of L-Lysine may also support healthy eye function and respiratory health.
Regular use of lysine powder is beneficial for cats, helping them maintain overall good health and wellness throughout their lives. Lysine may help to reduce excessive shedding in cats as well as hot spots caused by itching and scratching. Lysine powder may also help with upper respiratory infections.