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King Kalm CBD Oil for Pets 300 mg

KING KALM™ CBD Oil for cats, dogs, and other pets is infused made with all natural cannabidiol from hemp and infused with omega-3 rich krill oil. This 300 mg CBD for cats and dogs is available in a 30ml bottle with one oral syringe for easy delivery. Like the rest of KING KALM™ products, this oil also comes with a handy dosing chart to help owners determine what the best dosage for their pets is.

Benefits of hemp oil for cats and dogs

Our CBD for pets combines high-quality cannabidiol with natural krill oil to deliver a more potent therapeutic effect than CBD alone. Owners around the world have used our products to aid their pets with symptoms related to anxiety, inflammation, noise phobia, loss of appetite, seizures, and more.

Why buy King Kalm CBD for pets

KING KALM™ pet CBD oil is made with extracts obtained from industrial hemp grown in the United States. Each product is formulated with your pet in mind by licensed pharmacists with decades of experience. Our CBD for cats and dogs has been tested in a third-party lab to ensure purity and safety making us the best CBD oil for pets in the market.

Suggested Uses of King Kalm™ CBD Hemp Oil for Pets:

  • Can reduce feelings of anxiousness caused by separation, thunderstorms, car travel, etc.
  • CBD and Krill Oil promote overall wellness
  • May give an energy boost
  • May reduce feelings of pain and physical discomfort
  • CBD may relieve some symptoms associated with seizures

Suggested Dose: Please use the dosing chart included in the box (also posted above with product images). Administer 1-2 times a day.

**Due to recent studies and customer reviews, splitting the recommended dose into two servings has proven most effective.

Ingredients: Naturally Occurring Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Antarctic Krill Oil

Consult with a professional veterinarian prior to use.

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