Thomas Labs Bio Case - Pancreatic Enzymes for Dogs & Cats - Digestive Supplement - (12 Ounces, Powder)

Thomas Labs

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  • High potency, porcine-source pancreatic enzyme powder; supports a pet’s digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats; assists in the digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Contains pancreatic enzymes and essential digestive enzymes for pets to aid digestion, support the immune system, improve the skin & coat, and provide energy
  • Formulated with bioavailable vitamin B12 and intrinsic factor, which helps the body absorb vitamin B12; provides support for pets in need of vitamin B12 supplementation
  • Contains beneficial probiotics for dogs and cats to support digestive health, help re-establish and maintain a healthy gut, and optimize bacteria levels in the gut
  • Intended for dogs and cats over six weeks of age that require high enzyme supplementation

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