Top Performance Paw Defense Paw Protection Wax in 60g Container – Protect Dog and Cat Paws from Tough Surfaces

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  • Moisturizes Paw Pads – The pet paw wax will moisturize the pet’s feet with vitamin E
  • Invisible Material – The ingredients in the paw protection wax will not stain your pet’s paws
  • Protects from Tough Surfaces – Dogs and cats who often must walk across hot and cold surfaces, such as ice or hot asphalt, will receive protection for the sensitive paw pads
  • Use As Needed – If you notice your pet’s paw pads cracking, you can apply some extra wax to provide more protection
  • 60-Gram Container – Each container contains 60 grams of material to keep your pet’s paws healthy for a long time
  • Forms an invisible barrier to prevent potential paw damage
  • Protects paws from hot or cold pavement, ice, salt, and other abrasive surfaces