Urine Away - Removes tough urine stains and odor by the makers of Feliway 8 oz.

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Product details

Provides fast, permanent relief from urine odor and stains found on walls, furniture, litter boxes, etc., which can be visual triggers for cats to spray.

Comes with spray nozzle.

Directions & Dosage

Remove excess urine. Apply to affected area; let dry. Use liberal amount to ensure contact with all odor molecules. Amount of Urine-Away should equal amount of pet urine. Spot test before using.

No urine pretreatment methods required. Unlike enzymatic products, Urine-Away is still effective after soap or detergents have been used. Just apply and let dry.


Urine-Away is made with a proprietary, triple-action formulation that works at the molecular level to eliminate urine and odor for good.

URINE AWAY 8 oz Spray