Cat is Good Pounce on It 12-Piece Gift Pack-rattle, catnip mice, balls, CAT Toys

Cat is good

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Any cat on your gift list would be thrilled to receive this 12-piece gift set from Cat is Good. This delightful assortment is sure to arouse any cat's instinct to hunt and desire to play! Includes:

  • One Feather Wand
  • Four Rattle Mice
  • Two Catnip Mice
  • Two Sparkle Balls
  • Two Plastic Jingle Balls
  • One Cat is Good Icon Toy with Catnip

Each decorated set is packaged for retail and easy gift giving. And don't forget the dogs! See DI8100, the four-piece Dog is Good® "Play the Field" Toys Gift Pack.

Materials: Assorted
Sizes: Assorted

Caution: Do not allow pet to play with toys if they become torn or damaged. Supervision is advised.