Coffee Wood Bones for Dogs, Dog Chew Sticks, Natural, Healthy Chew Toys XL 9" each (3 Pack)

Pets With Panache

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3 - Coffee Wood Chew Toy Bones.  Each is approximately 9" long.

You will receive 3 Coffee Wood Chews approximately 9" long each

The Coffee Wood Chew is a very dense wood that provides a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for any dog. As a natural wood product, it will chew down but does not produce sharp splinters.

Perfect and natural way to relieve stress
Helps with training and behavior issues. 
No artificial ingredients, additives or colors, 100% natural also suitable for dogs with allergies.
Strengthens and cleans teeth
Totally Vegan
Extra strong and tough
Long lasting
Bones are loose, not in sealed bag