SensoVet Wrinkles, Skin & Paws cleaning and soothing wipes with Aloe Vera 80 wipes


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  • Gentle & Effective Dog Wipes - Pet wipes clean wrinkles, face, skin, coat, paws, ears and armpits while soothing irritated skin and rashes with aloe and oatmeal extract. Helps prevent infection, irritation, rashes and chafing from dirt, allergens, yeast and other irritants.
  • Great For Wrinkly Breeds - Designed for wrinkly dog breeds to help relieve irritation, chafing, infection, yeast, odor, skin allergies and more caused by dirt, dander and allergens. Ideal for Frenchie bulldogs, English bulldogs, pugs, bloodhounds, Pekingese and other wrinkly breeds.
  • Cleaning, Deodorizing & Soothing Action - 3 in 1 wipe effectively clean dander, allergens and dirt with a gentle baby shampoo concentrate, deodorize with a piña colada scent, then condition and nourish chafed, irritated skin with calming aloe vera and oatmeal extract.
  • Durable Design, Great for Multi-Pet Households - Soft yet durable, these 5’’ x 6’’ pet wipes for dogs get under wrinkles and in paw pads and ears in between baths. Less messy than wrinkle paste and other cleaning pastes for dogs, dry quickly — and are tough enough to get the job done
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  • Expiration:  2026