Woodies Dog Chews - Coffee Wood Tree Bones and Treats for Dogs

Woodies Dog Chews

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  • ALL NATURAL: Woodies Dog Chews are 100% natural, organic, no additives, no caffeine. Handmade - wood is de-barked, smoothed, ends rounded, cleaned, tested.
  • CUSTOMER SAFETY: Coffee wood is one of the strongest and safest woods for dogs to chew, with the lowest likelihood of splintering. While we manage stick quality carefully, there is always the small chance that mother nature intervenes or a dog’s chew style is too aggressive, and the wood does not react as expected. If you have any issues with your Woodies, please email us for a replacement or refund: info@woodies.world. Your satisfaction and your dog’s safety are our priorities.
  • ECO and COMMUNITY-FRIENDLY: Sustainably harvested. Minimal and recyclable packaging. Tied with coconut string. A donation from profits will be made to the ASPCA.
  • STRONG and LONG-LASTING: Coffee wood is strong yet safe for teeth, good for chewing, and gradually breaks down into small, safe fibers and pieces.
  • HEALTHY: Coffee wood is good for your dog’s dental health - strengthens jaw muscles, cleans teeth and gums, freshens breath, helps with digestion.
  • FUN: Instead of your furniture legs being your dog’s way of passing the time, Woodies comes to the rescue! Reward, treat, reduces stress, boredom, anxiety.
  • CHEW TIME: Have fun, please supervise, provide plenty of fresh water with chews. We recommend limiting chew time to up to 1 hour per day. Sometimes we see that instead of getting tired, the dog gets more determined to destroy the stick the longer they chew!
  • SIZES: S, M, L, XL, for all breeds and sizes. Each Woodies is natural and unique and may vary slightly by size.